HydraPak Elite HD 3L Bladder

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HydraPak Elite HD 3L Bladder with insulated hose and easy access disconnect.

The HydraPak Elite HD 3L Bladder is compatible with the Kobuk Bags, Scout Backpack, and Stalker Hydration Pack and has an insulated hose that is quickly detachable and has a cap for the bite end.

Volume: 3L

Materials: TPU 70%, POM 20%, ABS 8%, Silicone 2%

Key Features:

Versatile shape which fits a full range of pack styles and is fully reversible for easy cleaning and drying.

Exit port features an Easy Drying pass thru on for easier hanging and drying.

New Slide Seal hanger design is versatile enough to work with clips, hooks, and loops in a wide variety of packs.

Hydraflex Flexible TPU Tubing with Inline PNP and one handed locking Comet Bite Valve self seals after each sip and features a one-handed on/off lever to prevent leaks when not in use.

Letter of Conformance