Pro Tether Single

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Protect your devices (rangefinder, gps, or similar) from accidental drops!

The Alaska Guide Creations **Pro Tether Single is a custom 3/8” x 8" long elastic cord used to secure and protect your rangefinder, gps, or other device in the event of an accidental drop. It easily connects inline between your device and a secure point on your AGC Bino Pack, other harness, backpack or belt and can be easily detached when required. To attach and detach the device from the tether, simply rotate the 3D printed custom tether clip 90 degrees and slide the tether loop through the slot of the clip. The black micro cord loop on the tether clip can be connected through the attachment location of the device by slipping the micro cord through it and then back over the tether clip. Reattach the tether clip to the 3/8” tether loop in the same fashion you removed it.

 **Includes one (1) tether

Attachment Details below:

Standard Harness


Gen L Harness: