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Made in the USA, Alaska Guide Creations was forged in the crucible of the Alaskan wilderness. The innovative binocular harness chest pack, by Jaret Owens (guide and entrepreneur), was born from the need to survive and succeed in any outdoor endeavor, where optics are a must.

Jaret grew up during the 1950s, learning to hunt and fish in the backcountry surrounding the small town of Ojai, California. He has been a successful hunting and fishing guide for over 40 years, with sun-roughened skin as a testament to the outdoor life he relishes. Jaret enjoys leading his clients to where the big game and big adventure can still be found in the Alaskan backcountry and is the inspiration for Alaska Guide Creations.

Testimonials From The Field


The loud screams from Jaret’s predator call brought the huge bear out of the alders within 50 yards; Jim Rockstad quickly emptied the .375 H&H into the bear. The huge bear was finally down and the two hunters were very happy after hunting for eight days.

Suddenly Jaret sensed something was wrong as he thought he heard faint whistles from high in the snowy mountains. Jaret and Jim grabbed their binoculars from their chest packs and began glassing the high snowy mountains. Jim spotted movement though difficult to see. It turned out to be a man in a camo jacket crawling in the snow just hours before dark. Unknown to them, this man had been in a terrible plane crash and was seriously injured. After difficult hours, they were able to get to the injured man, his leg had been broken in three places etc. They dragged him down the steep mountain and across a small river to where Jim’s big bear lay. They quickly skinned the bear and wrapped the pilot in the hide to keep him from freezing in the snow. They then went on a long hike half the night and most of the next day to get help and were very fortunate to be rescued by the US Coast Guard.

The point is that not only do quality optics often perform miracles in helping one find game; they also played an important role in saving this good man. HOW CAN YOU PLACE A VALUE ON QUALITY OPTICS? This is one of many lessons Jaret Owens learned early as a guide and hunter. Born out of necessity in an effort to protect his most valued possession, he designed a binocular chest pack to protect binoculars from banging and dragging and to keep them secure to his chest, yet easy to use and readily available. With shoulder straps eliminating neck tension and inside the chest pack the binoculars have extra protection against dust, rain, and snow. The pack was designed for active people and works great while riding an ATV, horse, crawling, stalking, climbing a tree, etc.

His first chest pack was sized to fit most roof prism compact 8×40 and 10×40 optics. Within the chest pack, he designed separate compartments for essential and survival equipment which Jaret felt should always be on ones self. Items such as LED headlamps, fire starter, maps, licenses, medicines, etc. Basically one needs to tailor the pack to their needs. The chest pack acts also as a good case for optics storage while traveling. Some people like the pack for other recreational activities such as; photography, fishing, skiing, kayaking, and birding.

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Alaska Guide Creations take great pride in the craftsmanship and quality of our products. Finely tuned over many years with serious testing in the worst conditions to ensure performance and comfort for every binocular choice, our packs are second to none. Our simple guarantee to you is a complete replacement if the product does happen to fail. We stand behind our binocular chests packs and the protection they provide. Our warranty only covers the packs themselves, optics are not covered and the user should seek additional insurance for the items themselves if needed. When choosing a pack, be sure to get the exact item you need for your binoculars. Color choices and camouflage patterns are shown for illustrative purposes only. Please be sure to look at the very patterns you choose and be sure it is the right choice. If you happen to change your mind on color or size, please ship product “unused” to Alaska Guide Creations, and we will credit you the cost to choose a different pack. Shipping charges will be the responsibility of the consumer.

Your complete satisfaction is what drives us to make the best products, and your success is our success, too. Thank you for choosing Alaska Guide Creations.